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Hyoutei. Eight talented tennis players. Eight different personalities. Eight large egos. Can you handle them?

Basic Community Rules;

+ You must be a member to post.
+ No fighting with other members nor with the mod.
+ Community promoting is okay, just as long as it's anime related.
+ Members will not vote for applicants who don't follow the rules.
+ This community is a rating community, not a claiming community or anything else. Please don't post something like.. "OMFG I GOT STAMPED AS ATOBE KEIGO I LOVE HIM TO BITS AND WE'RE THE SAME WE'RE SOULMATES!!!!eleven!1111!!!". That's just stupid. The purpose of this community is to find out who you're most like, we are not match-making you!
+ You can vote even though you have not been stamped yet.
+ Ore-sama no bigi ni yoina. ♥
+ When voting, please bold your votes. :)

Application Rules;

+ Please complete the form below, and please be honest with your answers.
+ Since there are only 8 characters that you can be stamped as, please make your application detailed enough that we can sort you out, etc.
+ Most likely, you will be stamped after 7 or 8 votes.
+ No re-apps. Be sure you aren't caffienated or sleepy when you do your application.
+ To make sure you have read the rules, please put "Katsu no wa Hyotei!" as the subject.


Characters you can be stamped as;

+ Atobe Keigo
+ Akutagawa Jirou
+ Kabaji Munehiro
+ Shishido Ryou
+ Ootori Choutarou
+ Oshitari Yuushi
+ Mukahi Gakuto
+ Hiyoshi Wakashi


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+ Drop a line here to affiliate.
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Founder/Mod: nikkibyun
Co-mod: rikkan
Userinfo and everything else is copied from gravirating.

Hyotei Gakuen and all it's students, faculty members belong to Takeshi Konomi. Sad isn't it?